Interview at Ridge Hospital on behalf of Prepr Foundation

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Visit to Newlife Orphanage in Nungua (Accra, Ghana)
July 18, 2016
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February 11, 2017
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Prepr Foundation team members return from Ghana after meeting with key community members to capture local challenges – an important piece of the soon to launch Prepr PIE. This program assists people in addressing real-world problems by working with affected citizens, and promoting learning in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and project management – the three pillars of the PIE Method.
The team, led by Gabriel Odartei, spent several days capturing video interviews in the capital city of Accra, Ghana. Focusing on this year’s challenge areas of education, health and community they met with teachers, students, doctors, nurses and citizens.

The first step in the PIE method is engaging – or observing and conversing with those affected by the challenge. How do they cope with it? What are their most important issues, their needs and desires? The interviews partially serve as a starting place for incoming PIE learners. They are invited to choose a challenge that resonates with them and a community they want to work with.
During the interviews, it becomes clear that the issues are deeply interconnected. While interviewing a class of students about educational challenges the issue of clean, running water arises. If the students need to use a washroom they must travel some distance to a nearby village, resulting in missed lessons. Conversely, when speaking with a doctor about the challenges of managing infectious diseases such as cholera, the importance of education in preventing outbreaks was readily apparent.
While the intertwined, complex nature of these issues may seem daunting it also means that improving one issue can have a domino effect, improving many other aspects of a person’s life. For instance, by teaching basic reading and writing skills to all children, and especially girls, you improve her lifelong health outcomes, and that of her family.
To learn more about Prepr PIE, or to request an invitation to the Program, please visit
About Prepr Foundation
Prepr Foundation (@PreprMe) is helping people solve real-world problems while developing key skills through the recently launched Prepr PIE program. By integrating innovation and collaboration into the learning environment Prepr will help students develop the skills for the future. Prepr launched in Boston as the start-up sponsor of the 2011 MIT Techfair. To learn more about Prepr’s ongoing initiatives to support social entrepreneurship or to register for Prepr PIE, please visit

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